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My name is Mike DeNuccio. I am of Irish, English, Welch, French, and Italian descent. Basically, I am a mutt. I was born and raised in Cranston, Rhode Island by two loving parents and with two great sisters. I was educated in the public schools and went on to higher education at Stonehill College in North Easton, Massachusetts. After graduating from Stonehill with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Criminal Justice, I set out to see the world by joining the Jesuit Volunteer Corps for a year, which I  completed in August 1997. After my year of service, I decided to remain in the Alamo City and I worked at the (then) new Downtown Campus of The University of Texas at San Antonio. I was a Computer User Services Assistant in the Student Computing Facility.

From 1998-2001, I was the Technology Development Manager for the San Antonio office of The Enterprise Foundation.  In this position, I was responsible for providing training to the staff of local affordable housing, community and economic development, and employment non-profits on various computer  applications, the Internet, email, and Web Site Development.   The purpose of this project is to enhance the productivity and efficiency of those non-profits. We will then expand out training to include the clientele of other non-profits.  Visit the Computer Technology Center's web site for more information.

Prior to be recruited by Enterprise, I was with Automated Legal Systems, ProDoc® Software as a Technical Support Technician. It was more rewarding than UTSA and I learned many skills that enhanced my qualifications. After only a shirt time, I left ALS for the position above, where I could use my education and skills more effectively.  If you think you could benefit from my education, knowledge, and skills, please see my résumé and email me with your ideas.

I most recently served as the Executive Assistant to City Councilman Enrique M. Barrera in San Antonio, Texas.  It is a difficult job to describe what I do, but in most respects I am the Chief of Staff.  I coordinate activities in the district and for the Councilman, including community meetings, public appearances and press conferences, and work with city staff to remedy constituent concerns.  There's a lot more to the job, but it is tough to put into words.  One of these days I will do this.  Until then, think of The West Wing or Spin City and use your imagination.

I am currently attending St. Mary's University School of Law and hope to graduate in 2008.  Here's hoping.

During college, I had the opportunity to study abroad. I chose to go to Madrid, Spain for many reasons, all practical. Unfortunately, I did not return to the United States fluent in Spanish. I spoke mostly English at the university I attended, Saint Louis University - Madrid. Despite this setback, my experience in Spain was one I will remember for the rest of my life. I hope to return there someday. I have placed some notes and photos from my journey abroad on my web site for all to view.

I hope that you enjoy the rest of my site and the links from it. Please come back and visit often as I hope to update frequently. Please tell me what you thought of my site. Comments, criticisms, suggestions, etc., are always greatly appreciated